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The Nucleus of Nove: Naloxone Administration Device

Updated: May 1, 2023

The Beginnings and Vision

Charlie Brizz, Co-Founder of Nove

Losing a friend is a heartbreak that lingers forever; losing two to the same cause within four short years is an agony that remains etched in ones mind. That cause is the opioid crisis, a ruthless epidemic that has claimed countless lives, tearing families apart and ravaging communities across the nation. Driven by personal losses and a passion to make a difference, we embarked on a mission to combat this devastating issue.

Overdoes Death Rates Invloving Opioids Graph. 1999-2020. Center for Disease Control

It all started with Brendan, who witnessed the opioid epidemic's destructive effects in the Seattle area. He sought to understand the problem at its roots, visiting opioid help centers and local community organizations that distribute naloxone, a life-saving medication that reverses opioid overdoses. Through insights developed from those affected by the epidemic he quickly identified significant flaws in the current devices on the market. The medication carried a stigma, was not portable, and the devices were not user-friendly causing the life-saving medication to be absent in the event of an emergency.

Months later, I joined the project, fueled by the recent sale of my previous business and a burning desire to create something that positively impacted the lives of others. Together, we shared the belief that the best way to maximize our potential as young, unencumbered individuals was to build something that provided immense value to countless strangers. The ultimate value: saving lives.

Our Mission, Democratizing Naloxone

This mission became the driving force behind our project and our company. Our goal was to develop a product that, when placed in the hands of any individual, could save lives. With our combined business acumen, engineering skill, and deeply personal experiences, we are prepared to face the immense challenges that lay ahead. Working with pharmaceutical companies and suppliers, navigating FDA regulations, and tackling a myriad of other daunting tasks will not deter us. Instead, these challenges fuel our motivation.

With recent FDA approvals, the need for naloxone to be widely accessible has never been more apparent. This goes beyond market demand or financial analysis; it is a passion-driven endeavor to save lives and end the hardships of losing a loved one. If you are curious about our motivation, want to learn more, or simply wish to hear the passion in our voices, please do not hesitate to reach out through our website. We are eager to engage in conversations about this critical issue and are wholeheartedly committed to building a solution that genuinely saves lives.

Join Us

As we continue on this life-saving journey, we want to leave you with one final thought. Our ultimate vision is to create a world where a device like Nove is no longer necessary. While our immediate goal is to minimize the devastating effects of the opioid crisis, our long-term mission is to eradicate it completely. By raising awareness, reducing the stigma surrounding addiction, and fostering an environment of support and understanding, we strive to build a future free from the grip of opioids. Join us in our relentless pursuit to make this vision a reality, and together, we can change the world for the better.


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